Friday, November 23, 2007

Instant Messaging

I discover that this communication mode isn't always so instantaneous. I have tried several times and find the 10 Things Team offline. To me, this is more like a committee meeting where you need to make arrangements for people to be online at a certain time. Once achieved, different people could have an interesting conversation and perhaps make some decisions collectively. So far, I still find e-mail preferable because each participant communicates in accordance with their own time frame and picks up messages relatively often, if not in real time.

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rich said...

if you try to IM someone and they're offline, they should still receive the message the next time they login. but you're right, IM is most effective (and fun!) when people are online. i can see IM being useful in the workplace if many staff members made it a habit of being online throughout the day. we can have quick work-related chats without having to pick up the phone or interrupt people too much.