Saturday, November 17, 2007

Moving along

I read up on Instant Messaging, but didn't find anyone online at the moment to connect with so moved on to Social Networking. I signed up for Eons, but don't see myself looking for friends this way. I have some friends from high school and college with whom I sometimes communicate as well as friends from previous jobs. In addition, I have siblings and other relatives. I can barely keep up with all these folks, so why would I want to go out there looking for people I've never met to start communicating with? I did have a big high school reunion recently and they started a list of classmates. It has been fun to hear from some of them occasionally re who is doing what, who is a grandparent, etc. However, I know that some people spend hours in communicating on these sites. I would only do that if I were planning an event or had some specific purpose. As far as the Library is concerned, I see the ratings and reviews as being more helpful than general chat.

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The Skokie Ten said...

Social Networking sites are definitely an acquired taste, as you've undoubtedly discovered. If you're still looking for someone to practice IM with, both "theskokieten" (the 10 Things Team) and "askskokie" (the Library reference desk) should be online during regular library hours.