Saturday, November 17, 2007

Picking up the Thread

Wow! It's been almost four weeks since my last post. Where do the days go? I have just finished Thing 2 re RSS feeds. I love the concept. Without having to go out and look for things (often a waste of time), you can get interesting news and articles delivered right to you. There is that serendipity of discovering something you wouldn't have gone looking for. The only problem is that each feed still gives you a bunch of stuff you could care less about. So much to sort through....a bit like the mail at home with one interesting thing for every seven pieces of junk. I liked the Henepin County use of RSS to give a variety of information---even things like catalog tips. I wonder how many people subscribe. Maybe with SPL's "New@" RSS people will discover some services and programs they wouldn't have known about otherwise. I like the SkokieTalk site. Keeping everyone in touch with what's happening locally is a good idea. Our weekly community newpaper can't really fill that role. I discovered several sites that would be of interest to local business: Elance, an online marketplace for small business to hire web designers, writers, admins and other freelancers, Duct Tape Marketing podcasts and Brian Clark's Business Pundit.

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